Amazing Festive Drinks

I love sitting down in the evening, drinking a Festive drink and watching a Christmas Movie. Today I am going to share with you my three favourite festive drinks which I love and think you will too.

Mulled Wine


I can’t have Christmas without Mulled Wine and my favourite is the Waitrose Mulled Wine. I like to add a few slices of orange and apple, when heating it up, to make it a bit more fruity. You can easily make mulled wine yourself but I find buying a bottle is easier and is already spiced appropriately. If you want to make your own, you can put your own spices together, or you can buy spice bags that you simply dip in the wine as it is being warmed up. There is something so festive about drinking a glass of warm mulled wine in front of the fire with a Christmas movie on.

Orange Hot Chocolate


I love drinking hot chocolates during the winter months and this one is a lovely Christmasy twist to the classic hot chocolate. It’s really easy to make and tastes amazing. All you need to do is warm the milk up in a pan with the rind of an orange. Once the milk is hot, not boiling, pour the milk into your glass with a strainer to get all the orange peels out of the milk. I then like to add in a hot chocolate mix, Cadburys is my favourite, or you could make it all from scratch. If you’re not keen on orange then why not make a peppermint hot chocolate. Use some crushed peppermint candy canes, and extra on top to make it lovely and tasty!

Spiced Apple Tea


Finally how about a spiced apple tea by Taylors. I love tea and have recently been getting into more herbal teas as well as my favourite black teas. I came across this last Christmas and really like the taste of it. It’s a bit like a non-alcoholic mulled wine, as it’s full of Christmas spices with a hint of apple. It’s a lovely alternative to English Breakfast tea, and so easy to make.

Maybe this will give you some festive drink inspirations for a party or just an evening in. let me know what your favourite Christmas inspired drinks are, I’d love to know.

Merry Christmas, Steph x


8 thoughts on “Amazing Festive Drinks

  1. milenkamillie ✨❄️ says:

    All three of these festive drinks sound absolutely lovely! I would love to have a go at making my own mulled wine but I completely agree that it’s much easier to just get a bottle! I tried the rosé mulled wine from M&S last year and it was a really lovely light alternative! I’ve been looking for the perfect spiced fruit tea for so long and this one sound perfect so thank you! xx

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