The Wrapping and Card Edit

One of my favourite parts of Christmas is buying gifts for family and friends, then coming home and wrapping them all up. I have a few different ways I like to wrap presents and thought today I would share them with you.


The first step is sourcing your wrapping paper and I like to choose a theme. This year I bought my wrapping paper along the theme of white with rose gold and grey. I also picked up this brown roll with cute reindeer on as well. When picking out your wrapping paper remember to look at the length of the roll. I tend to go for rolls that are more the 2 meters, as I wrap up quite a lot of presents.


Once my presents are wrapped its time to decorate them with ribbon, twine, and labels. I usually don’t use ribbon on my presents I prefer to use festive coloured twine of raffia ribbon. I love to make a  bow from the raffia ribbon and thread the label through it. There are so many different ways to decorate your gifts and Pinterest is a great way to find some inspiration.


After all the presents are wrapped I then go onto writing Christmas cards. These cards are from Sainsburys and WHSmith and I love them. When I was a child I remember our sitting room being full of cards and loving it. I love sitting down and writing cards to everyone.  I think it’s a lovely way of staying in touch with people. Quick Tip: best time to stock up on Christmas cards is just after Christmas!

Hopefully, this blog post has given you some inspiration on how to wrap your presents and what theme I have gone for this year. Have a lovely rest of your day and see you tomorrow.

Merry Christmas, Steph x


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