Why I love Autumn

There are so many reason why I love Autumn with on the being my birthday is the 19th October, which is just around the corner and really exciting. I have loved Autumn since I was a young child with one of my favourite memories being collecting conkers after school and having jars full of them at home. I wanted to share with you some of the thing I love in Autumn so grab a cuppa and let’s get started.

On of my favourite things to do on an Autumn day is going for walks in the woods or at our local park. I love wrapping up warm and going for a nice walk and getting some fresh air. The perfect walk for me is on a cold autumns day where the sky is blue, that’s my ideal day for a gorgeous walk.



As I mentioned above I absolutely love to collect conkers and have done so ever since I was young. Yesterday I went on the hunt for a conker tree and eventually found one in our local common, so I filled up my pockets with as many concurs as I could find. I found this little triplet Conker still in their shell and thought it looked so cute. I love using Conkers to decorate the house as they definitely symbolise Autumn to me. I have currently filled my star plate with Conkers and a triplet of acorns. I can’t get enough of it.


Another aspect of Autumn I love is Pinecones. In England we usually don’t get very late pin cones so when I went out to Portugal for the summer I was amazed by the size of the pine cones out there. My Fiancés grandfather collects the pine cones from his garden and piles them all up ready to be brunt in the winter so I took a few for my flat. These pine cones are bigger than my hand and I love them. I only managed to fit 5 into my luggage so they are now placed around my flat.


My final favourite I wanted in mention is nail varnish. When it comes to Autumn I love to start wearing darker nail varnish but also bring out the reds. My two favourite brands to use are OPI and Nails Inc, they have some amazing colours and their formulation is amazing. If you want to read more about these nail varnishes then have a look at my last blog post Autumn Nail Colours

So that’s is it for my Autumn favourites, what are yours? Do you like walks in the woods or do you prefer a cosy night in ? Hope you enjoyed this blog post and see you on Wednesday.

Steph x


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