Autumnal Nail Colours

I decided as it is now autumn I would share with you my three nail varnishes I love to wear when I need a dark colour on my nails. During the autumn I normally wear a mix of dark and nude nail colours, I’m currently wearing a nude from Rimmel. So lets jump into it and see what colours I am loving.


So I have chosen three nail varnishes with two of them being very similar as they came as a duo. This photograph is the best at showing the difference between the two OPI nail varnishes. Lincoln Park at Midnight, has a shimmer running through the dark purple where as Lincoln Park after Dark is just a solid dark purple.


Tate by Nails Inc

This colour is a gorgeous dark red and sort of reminds me of Christmas, but I love wearing though Autumn and Winter months. I like the fact that this red doesn’t stain you nails, like most cheaper red nail varnishes do and it is so easy to apply. I would normally apply two coats to get a true colour to the bottle. I really like the way this a block colour, as it really stands out from my pale skin and looks stunning.


Lincoln Park at Mindnight by OPI 

This is a gorgeous colour when you want a dark nails that changes depending on the lighting. I love the shimmer that runs through this nail varnish as it is a lighter shade of purple and looks stunning in the sunlight. I feel this colour is a way of wearing a dark nail colour with out it looking really bold, which I sometimes enjoy. This nail varnish is really easy apply and can also be remove with no hassle. I always find glitters and shimmers are a pain to remove but this one is so quick and easy.


Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI

So this is the second nail varnish in the OPI set I picked up years ago. I wear this nail colour less than the other two but that’s because I like a bit of shimmer and lighter colours. I really like the way this nail varnish is a dark purple, but not quite black making for a gorgeous striking nail look. This nail varnish looks good with a shiny or mat top coat it just depends on the overall look you are going for.

So there are my top Autumn colours I need in my nail varnish collection. What nail colours do you love during the Autumn months? Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and have a lovely weekend.

Steph x



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