My Current Candle Collection

I absolutely love buying and burning candles in my home. I love the way they can completely change the mood of my home just from the scent of the candle. As some of you may know I have just moved into a new flat and I have been saving some candles for my new flat. So I thought it would be fun to share with you my current collections of candles that are waiting to be burnt, except one that is nearly finishing, so lets begin.


Clean Cotton by Yankee Candle

Daydream Candle by Sanctuary Spa

So to start with the candle I have been burring on and off for the past year is my Clean Cotton candle by Yankee Candles and I love it. I am really into fresh and cosy smells and this smells like freshly wash laundry. I’m obsessed with this candle and will usually burn it during the evening when I want to fill my home with a fresh comforting smell. I have found this candle has burnt so well and evenly and it has lasted me for absolutely ages. I will be so upset when this candle does die but I will definitely by repurchasing it.

The next candle is on from Sanctuary Spa and it’s called Daydream. Sanctuary Spa have a whole range of candles and one of the ranges all about relaxations and are suppose to help with it. This candle is meant to help you get a restful night by de-stressing and reducing tension in your body. I have burnt this candle before and found it really did relax me and also make me realy sleepy. This candle would be perfect for a pampering evening or when you really need to relax and unwind after a long day at work.


Signature Sanctuary by Sanctuary Spa

Fig and Black Amber by Sanctuary Spa

So I have a few Sanctuary Spa candles but they all smell so good and I wanted to try these two out. So the first one smells like Sanctuary Spa’s original scent, which I love. To me it smells like a spa in a jar, it is very fresh but also comforting. I think this would be a perfect candle for the evening when you want to make your home feel lovely a cosy, when the dark nights start to draw in.

The next Sanctuary Candle is one that my mum brought for me when we when shopping together at the beginning of this year. I am so excited to burn this candle this Autumn and it smells incredible. You can really smell the fig initially and then the notes of amber start to creep in leaving a gorgeous layering to the scent. I feel this candle could be brunt all year round but the deep notes make me want to burn it this Autumn/Winter.


Lavender & Basil Botanical Candle by Liz Earle

So my final candle is by one of my favourite skincare brands Liz Earle. I received this candle as a present last christmas and have been keeping it for this new flat. I am amazed by how good this candle smells, if you love lavender scents you need to buy this candle. This candle smells like a lavender field, its that good. You can also smell a hind of basil but the lavender is the main scent from this candle. I can’t wait to burn this whilst having a relaxing bubble bath this Autumn. I will be burning this candle all year round as it is so fresh but also truly relaxing with the lavender notes.

So there you go, theses are all the candle I currently have waiting to be burned. What are your favourite candles you need in your collection? Have you tried any of the ones I mentioned before? Hope you enjoyed this blog post and see you monday.

Steph x


22 thoughts on “My Current Candle Collection

    • Steph . Hannam says:

      This is one of my favourite posts to write too, I’m a little obsessed with candles. All these candles are amazing and I am so excited to try them all out. I have burnt candles from all the ranges before so I know they are going to be amazing x

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Claire @ bletheringbylinley says:

    Candles are the best thing about autumn and winter! Normally I prefer unscented, partly because I like to put on a few at a time and clashing scents are never fun, but I think I’ll try some of these – thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

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