Makeup Revolution Palette Review

I have read so many reviews on the Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes that I thought I would go pick one up for my self and see what it is like. I have been on the hunt for a good all round eyeshadow palette that I can use all year round transitioning for day to night and I think I have now found one. I decided to pick up the 32 Ultra shadows Beyond Flawless Palette as it has a beautiful variety of shades that suit my eye/green eyes.

The packaging of this eyeshadow really impressed me as it only cost £8 from Superdrug. The eyeshadow comes in a gold shimmy box, with ‘Beyond Flawless’ embossed into it, which is really eye-catching. Then inside the exterior is a beautiful sleek black palette with gold lettering on it, make it look more expensive than it is.


This box is very sturdy and well made, which impressed me. When you open the palette up you have a full size mirror on the top and the 32 beautiful shades at the bottom. I am really impressed with the range of colours this palette has, enabling you to create a ton of different looks from this one palette. I have bluey/green eyes and found all the colours I have tried so far really suit me. The only colours I’m not sure I will use are the blues, but I might given them a go and see where it gets me.


I brought this palter last week and have been using it everyday, so I could get a real feel for how the palette performs and how I feel about it. This palette has completely amazed me. The shades are all really pigmented, even when applied with a brush, and last the whole day. These shades are also really easy to blend out to create a really subtle look or an amazing smokey eye, which I loved. I have been wearing the dark bronze and coppers alot as the colours are so pretty and they create a beautiful autumn eye. The two very pale cream colours are beautiful to use in the corner of your eye as they help brighten the inside of your eye up. The only thing I found slightly annoying with the shadows is you can get a bit of a fallout when applying them with a brush, so just be careful and watch out for this.


I have absolutely fallen in love with this palette, if you can’t tell already. I have read a few blog posts that sugest that Revolution Palettes are dupes for the Naked Palettes and I completely agree. I have tried out the Naked palette 1 and felt the pigment was nowhere near as good as this palette. The colours in the Beyond Flawless are gorgeous, with most of them being shimmer, which I know isn’t for everyone. Makeup Revolution have a huge variety of palettes to choose from, so there is definitely one for everyone.

If you are looking for an affordable, high pigmented eyeshadow palette that will last all day and take you through from day to night then you need to check out the Makeup Revolution range. Comment down bellow which Makeup Revolution palettes you have tried and what you thought of them? Hope you enjoyed this blog and see you Wednesday.

Steph x


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