Zoella’s Sweet Inspirations

I have been following Zoella on YouTube for about 3 years now and absolutely love her. I had heard so much about her new beauty range called Sweet Inspirations and decided to try out a product from her new range.


I decided to purchase the Bath Latte, bath and shower milk. The scent of this product is described as sweet almond coco and honey. From the moment I opened the bottle I fell in love with the product. I don’t usually like really sweet smells but Zoella has manged to make a product that smell lovely and sweet without being too overpowering. One of the inspirations behind the range is macaroons, and I think this bath latte smells very much like that.


The consistence of the bath latte is absolutely lovely. The product pours out of the bottle in a thick smooth consistency, feeling lovely and creamy in your hands and simply glides on you your skin amazingly. I like to use a puff when using the bath latte, as you feel you get so many bubbles and can get the most out of the product. I only used a 20p size amount of product and got an amazing amount of bubbles and scent.


Another I like to use this product is to pour a small amount into a hot running bath. The running water with the bath latte creates a lovely bubbly bath, feeling smooth to the skin and lovely to the nose. There is something very luxurius about the product. I think the packaging is beautiful and I love the way it looks like a milk bottle. All of Zoella’s product are really eye catching and very popular. I will definitely be purchasing more Zoella beauty products as I am in love with everything about them.

Have you tried out Zoella’s new sweet inspirations range? If so what do you recommend?

Steph x


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